Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Love Fearlessly

Dancing in Baroque Gardens outside Frederiksborg Slot in Denmark

Dance like your feet never tire. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Smile like you’re on the brink of forever. Laugh like your joy never ends.

I believe in romance like I believe in oxygen; it’s necessary, it’s refreshing, and it’s all around even when we don’t notice it. The secret to true love isn’t locked in some mythical chest with its key thrown into a dark chasm. If you want to truly experience intimacy, take a long perusal through 1 Corinthians 13. “Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” It’s not found in the glittery lights of clubs or the hollow stories in Hollywood. Love at first sight is impossible, but love at last sight is a thing of utmost beauty. The secret to lasting love is actually not a secret at all: Love today. Love today. Love today. And with each succeeding day, the weeks turn into months, then into years, till a lifetime of unselfish fulfillment has passed.

Never fear the future. The Author of love is already there and has scripted your story into a beautiful masterpiece. At times we give up on love because relationships change. We give up on love because we’re lonely. We give up on love because the sun seems hidden and the rain won’t end. But love triumphs, always.

We focus on people, but people fail. We dream about romance, while romance slips away between our disinterested fingers. We make vows meaningless with our insatiable appetite for selfish attention. But true love is found in the mundane. The simple moments shared which build a firm foundation of kindness, adventure, and true friendship. As the journey continues, the love deepens. It doesn’t matter whether you just recently met, you’ve been dating for months, you’re newly weds, or you’re cracking jokes and knitting in the elderly care center. Love simply grows stronger over time.

Yet we often get confused by sex and lust and ideals. We want pleasure without commitment, enjoyment without consequence, and utopia without effort. A true man pursues the heart before the body. He leads with confidence and loves unconditionally.

So let’s build dreams and dance in fairytales without fear of the future, for fear is singlehandedly killing our passion. Let’s fearlessly love. Truly love!

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