Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year

There are certain things in my nursing career which frighten me more than others. Unfortunately, one of them definitely happened today. I was helping a patient stand up from her bed and walk to the bathroom even though she was worried she had developed stress incontinence after surgery. As her arms pushed off the bed and she reached for the walker, she suddenly exclaimed, "I am so sorry! I can't hold it anymore." My mind went into hyper-focus mode as I looked down at my leg standing just inches from, well, utter disaster. I've heard a lot of people talk about this past year as a disaster. So many losses, deaths, changes; a terrible year for the records. But then I have to stop and think about the year: all the changes, the setbacks, the achievements, where I was a year ago, how I've changed. And then I think about how it ended. I'm alive. I have wonderful friends. Supportive family. A career I absolutely love. Air to breathe. Water to drink. The list goes on. And I must admit, most of you could have a very similar list if you stopped to think about it. The heartaches have made us stronger. The pain has made us more sensitive, caring, and understanding. The times we felt so alone were the times we felt God closest. The only way to make 2017 the most amazing year yet is to stop focusing on things we can't change - stuff that doesn't matter, events out of our control - and decide right now to make this year count. Begin again. Let the past be the past and forge onward with new resolve. Experience new things, meet new people, change lives. Resolutions come and go so keep this year's simple: make it count. The year. Everything. The losses. The gains. The sunsets. Suddenly that big scary thing called a new year will simply turn into a paper giant, a mere joke intended to scare us into thinking it'll be terrible. Oh and my patient? At the look of utter terror on my face she explained, "Sorry, I like to joke around a lot." Then she laughed. And I didn't. But I realized that not everything is as scary as it seems. So happy New Year y'all!!! It's already turning out to be the best year ever.

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