Monday, March 10, 2014

Paths of Comfort

A quiet path led towards the top of a small hill behind the mission in Bwa Pen, Haiti.  Thick jungle encroached on either side of it as it wended its way towards a cloud of drifting smoke which was hovering on the horizon.  Pink, orange, and grey hues spread across the sky in brilliant swaths as the sun attempted to peak over the distant hills.  The surrounding valleys grew vibrant as the shafts of light shimmered ever brighter amongst the grim darkness.  Somewhere in the distance half a dozen roosters vied for superiority of sound.  A lone donkey brayed audaciously while a pig squealed uncontrollably a few huts away.  The village slowly began to stir with life as women and children trudged along the road with their water pots, headed for the well.

Along the quiet path a small Haitian boy ran with a quality stick he had fashioned out of a forlorn branch.  His feet pounded solidly on the dirt ground, making prints as the dust blew up around them.  This was his village, his people, his life.  This path led to his home, a small shelter crudely built out of palm trees yet sturdy enough to weather the tropical storms.  A casual observer might overlook this path, this small geographical location virtually insignificant to a worldwide perspective.  Yet this young boy had never been beyond the confines of this small path.  It ran through his village and provided a place to play, work, get food and water, and understand his culture, his family, and his identity.  This path was his world.

We all have a quiet path in our lives.  We all have a place we feel comfortable; a place where we derive our self-worth and decide our own destiny.  But sometimes, it requires us leaving that path of comfort and venturing into new territories, where only miracles can transport us, in order for us to fully understand who we are and why we are here on this earth.  The world is much bigger than that little Haitian boy could ever dream.  Our lives are much bigger than we could dare to dream.

God has an immense plan for your life and He is willing to come find you on your little path.  Comfort zones are nice, but no growing happens there.

This past week, I had the privilege of leaving my comfortable path and working among the villagers of Las Cahobes in the jungles of Haiti.  Visiting developing countries is always a blessing for me as it allows me to leave my “groove” and experience a different culture for a few days.  To relate the trip in its entirety is impossible, but to summarize all I can say is that there are some things which words or pictures will never be able to adequately capture.  I worked with one of the most amazing mission teams I’ve ever gotten to work with, and the Lord blessed immensely while we treated patients in the clinic as well as ministered to the children through friendship and VBS.  Thank you so much for each one of your prayers on our behalf while we served in Haiti!

P.S.  I’m currently working on putting together a documentary of the trip as well as will be posting pictures soon.

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