Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amazon Mission Experience

Ever since coming to Southern Adventist University, I've been impressed with the school's strong emphasis on mission work.  I'm currently studying to become a nurse and work as a medical missionary overseas somewhere, and consequently am interested in exploring all aspects of my future career.  This past Spring Break, I joined a group of nursing students headed for the jungles of the Amazon.  It was a huge blessing as I experienced first hand what doing real mission service is all about.  I've been on several preaching tours overseas, but there's something totally different about actually meeting one-on-one with the people and relieving their physical suffering.  It was such a blessing!

I created a documentary which followed our travels while in Brazil.  During the film premiere here at SAU, over one hundred students were able to attend and watch the video.  The next Sabbath I showed it at a local church where even more people were able to experience medical ministry in action.  I've heard several stories of people who were inspired to do mission service after watching the video, and I pray as you watch this documentary, you too will be inspired to serve the Lord wherever you are!

The mission team.

Playing with the kids!

Amazon sunset - behind a bubble.

The river launch we used while on the Amazon.

The children in the villages were so precious.

The kids were so much fun!

Sunsets over the Amazon were so beautiful.

Heading into the sunset with the river launch.

A park in downtown Manaus.

One of the missions river launches with a double rainbow arching overhead.


  1. Before it became Southern Adventist College (and now University), the place was called Southern Missionary College. You knew that, right?

    1. Yes sir! In a way, I wish it was still named that. :)


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