Monday, October 1, 2012

Act of Friendship

          The rain pelted the sidewalks as miniature rivers flowed down the streets.  The clouds hung low and ominous over the bleak and dripping landscape.  Exiting the dorm, I carefully popped open my umbrella and entered the incessant downpour.  As I slogged my way through the puddles towards class, I passed two girls coming down the promenade towards me.  One was on crutches, and the other was holding an umbrella over her friend.  It was so impressive I stood there speechless as they passed.  The rain was unnoticed as the warmth and brightness of genuine friendship engulfed me.  It was a simple act of love, an outpouring of Christ's love shining through.  After asking their permission, I snapped the following photograph.

          The story continues however.  I posted it to Facebook and within a couple hours it had gone viral.  People were liking it and sharing it across their Facebook walls.  Why?  Because we love to uphold and promote a good deed done, an act of love extended, friendship displayed.

So why don't we see more of it?


  1. Hi Seth,
    I happened on your blog tonight.
    Just so you know, this picture is spreading like crazy on Pinterest. :) It's pretty amazing; I had no idea you had taken it!
    You can see my Pinterest at

    have a great day and happy birthday tomorrow!
    ~Miss aMandalin

  2. That is wonderful! Spread the story. :) Unfortunately I have no idea how Pinterest works, but I enjoyed viewing the photos on yours!


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