Friday, May 18, 2012

The Meetings Begin

I'm sitting in the lobby of a "high status" hotel here in Guyana, typing a quick blog update on my iPhone while I wait for my driver to take me to the evangelistic meeting. The hotel reminds me more of a Motel 6 when compared with American standards, but it's quite comfortable. After all, it has air conditioning so what more can I ask for?

My time here in Guyana has been nothing short of incredible so far. God's been working, but so has the devil. We had two students drop from the team but two more took their places. We had one who was stopped at the airport due to Visa problems, but in answer to our prayers he was able to get it in one day and is now en route to join us again. Nobody's gotten sick so far, and everyone's adjusting to the new culture very well.

And we're excited. Tonight's the first night of meetings so we're all heading out to preach our first sermon. Fifteen of us, scattering all across Georgetown to preach the word of God to the people here. What a beautiful sight! Being part of such a powerful movement is exciting; being able to see God work is life changing.

Pease continue to keep the team here in Guyana in your prayers while we serve as ambassadors for Christ.

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