Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life Messages

I never used to be into T-shirt evangelism, but now I can honestly say I'm beginning to like it.  A few days ago I got a shirt that says, "Being angry is for the birds, be happy!" with Psalm 118:24 written below.  It's a spin off of the sensational Angry Birds game and has brought quite a few laughs and comments from people I don't even know.  It's a great "connecting" device, and it's been fun to strike up conversations with people based solely off my shirt.

For Christmas I got a T-shirt that has a picture of three crosses on it, and in the foreground it says "Many roads lead to death, only one road leads to life.  Jesus paved the road for you with his own blood," with Matthew 7:14 at the bottom.  It's quite a powerful shirt message and walking through places with a lot of people you feel fairly self-conscious.  A few weeks ago I was at the swimming pool in the locker room and a guy commented on my "awesome shirt".  Then he pulled out his own shirt and held it up.  It had a large clock on the front and read, "Time is almost up, are you ready?"  We soon launched into an animated discussion about how many times Christians don't take the nearness of Christ's second coming seriously enough.  It was a great, albeit short, talk and we parted as recognized brothers in Christ.  All over a shirt…

But it really isn't about the shirt.  A macho guy wouldn't be found wearing an "I love pink" shirt with hearts and flowers plastered all over the front.  A quiet girl wouldn't be found wearing a flamboyant shirt that reads, "I am a Facebook stalker."  People wear shirts based on their personalities.  What you wear very much reflects who you are.  It doesn't matter whether you're wearing a "Love others because Jesus loves you" shirt or whether you're loving people because Jesus loves you, it's all about what you do.

So from now on, whether you're wearing a shirt with a message or not, make sure your life has a message.  Sometimes it's easier to know what our shirts are saying than what our lives are saying.  What are people reading by your actions?


  1. Wow- I love the parallel object lesson you brought out! Thank you! =)

  2. Awesome thoughts, Seth! :) Don't you just love shirts with a message? It's as if your outward appearance wears the love of God in your heart. I should get a shirt like that! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hmmm, that's a neat way to put it! "Wearing the love of God" for others to see.


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