Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Adventure

Today begins a new chapter in my life; I leave home and head for college.  In some ways it's been really hard, and yet in others it seems like a normal occurrence. (however "normal" the insanity of packing and traveling can be)  My future is as uncertain as the Wall Street stock market, making it difficult to foresee when I'll be coming back to Alaska, although I'm hoping it will be next summer.  But whenever I come back, the fact remains that I'm currently embarking on a fantastic adventure.  Yes I'm leaving behind all the places I love, but it's all part of the ever changing thing we call life.

My time at our home here in Alaska has been full of fun experiences and awesome times with family and friends.  But I'm not leaving it all, not really.

I will always cherish the memories as long as I live.  Nothing will be the same when/if I come back.  It never is.  But it won't matter because I'll be busy making new memories.  Memories that will last just as long as the ones I've made before.  Life is always about new adventures, new quests, new discoveries.  God has an awesome plan in mind for my life, and so far, it's been quite epic.  Now as I embark on a greater quest for knowledge, I shall continue to follow His guiding in my life.  I hope each one of you is doing the same, wherever God is leading you.

And now, I'd better sign off and get ready to board this huge metal engineering masterpiece that's going to take me above the clouds on my way down to Tennessee.  More later, y'all!

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