Friday, January 13, 2012

One Week's Difference

Another week is coming to a close, but what a busy week it has been!  I think back to what I was doing at this time last Friday.  We were having vespers at the neighbors' - it was completely pitch dark out and the temperature was hovering around -10 with piles of snow blanketing the ground outside.  It was just our family and the neighbors.  But what a nice little vespers it was…

Then I think about tonight; they seem worlds apart.  By versers time it was fairly dark, excluding the street lights all over campus.  But there was no cold, only chill, and the only thing blanketing the earth was a fine layer of dew.  And then inside the huge campus gym, we participated in the communion service with thousands of other young adults.  Prayers were said, songs were sung, and hearts were touched.  Oh may we never lose the zeal of total surrender and obedience to God!

Between the two vespers has been amazing as well.  I'm slowly working into a routine here among all the hectic craziness.  Classes are going good so far, although I'm slightly worried about Nutrition…  Chemistry's been fairly easy, it's just got a lot of math and equations and formulas and units and anything else that would turn a dyslexic's mind inside out.  I'd have to admit that Adventist Heritage with Dr. Samaan is my favorite class though.  He's a very friendly and highly humorous professor.  He came by and talked with us while I finished up lunch, making sure the stories I was telling my friends from his class were "truthful" and trying to get my friends to sign up for his classes.

It's also been great to be able to get out and jog, or just do more things outside in general.  Today Joel and I played Ultimate Frisbee for awhile with some friends (and a sixth cousin).  That was a lot of fun, even though I've never played it before.  I'll get the hang of throwing a frisbee sooner or later…

But I'd better head to bed now since it's going to be a busy day tomorrow.  Happy Sabbath everyone!

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