Monday, January 23, 2012

iPod Mania

"Excuse me, do you have any random stuff you'd like to donate for me to show in class?"  My friend Eric held out his hat to the lady passing by on the promenade.  The lady glanced at him, then pulled an ear bud out of her ear and asked, "What did you say?"  So Eric repeated his question.  The next lady walking by repeated the same ear bud pulling stunt in order to hear Eric's simple question.

I had just mounded my plate with tons of delicious food at the school café.  Looking for a place to sit, I noticed an empty seat across from one of my friends.  I sat down, said grace, then looked up as he pulled out one of his iPod ear buds and started a depressing conversation about homework…

It was warm and breezy out so I had decided to do my Nutrition homework outside while enjoying the beautiful weather.  A young lady was walking by in front of me while her friends - who were approximately 20 feet away - were calling to her in vain.  I motioned for her to turn around, whereupon she pulled her musical ear plugs out and joyfully returned her friends' greetings.

Let's just face it, we're being barraged by an epidemic of ear bud mania.  And it doesn't stop at that either, it seems the bud problem is growing!  Everywhere I go I notice zombie like people bumping around in an ethereal world of disco, country, rock, or simply music in general.  It's always interesting to experience the awkward moment when you turn a corner in Wal-Mart and run into someone who clearly wasn't watching where they were going, whereupon you make a hasty apology.  Looking up you see blank eyes staring back at you, a mouth mumbling a quiet "sorry", and long cords running from the insides of their ears down to their pants' pocket.  "Yep!  Totally understand now," you think to yourself.  Then their head starts nodding and their feet start tapping again as they continue on down the aisle.  It is at moments like those that you feel, ever so slightly, that you have stepped into another realm and encountered a human being living in a new dimension.  A dimension that is only accessible by hooking little electronic wires into your ears and using a miniature computer to control the stimuli input.

Just think what would happen if the iPoddicts had to live without their music!!  I'm afraid they would be normal again, could carry on regular conversations in the streets without being treated like deaf people, and wouldn't be tied to their electronic music cords!  Now that WOULD be terrible...


  1. ZAAAHAHA! I loved the post and the excellent thoughts that go along with it. Yes, I'm completely in agreement with your view. LOL. It's so sad seeing people so plugged in to their music. Yes, poor poor souls that don't want to be normal.

  2. Wow, right on! Some people are addicted to music...I know of a young man who recently decided to go on a music fast - for a whole month. I think it's a pretty neat way to become more sensitive to music, myself...

  3. The tragedy is, many of these zombies probably WILL be deaf people in their later years. Constant loud music piped directly to the brain through ear buds is almost certain to cause serious damage. Spread the word - it's no fun not being able to hear well. I know!

  4. Very true, Grandpa...

    Nice Abby, "you don't realize how much you appreciate something until you miss it."

    I know, right Cami? Poor souls... :) I had a good laugh this morning when I went to worship and saw the pianist up front, playing intro music - with ear buds in his ears!!! lol

  5. Great post, Seth!! How true indeed!

  6. You wrote that very well! Hmmm... How does one play the piano listening to something else?? I feel sorry for those individuals who miss out on everyday life around them as they isolate themselves with their iPods. And what about the loss of hearing the birds in the trees, the rippling brook, or the wind in the trees as they go about their everyday errands? Not to mention the possible missing of the still small voice of God in the quiet moments of life...

    1. Very true!! And good question about the piano... lol In retrospect, I think some people just wear it like jewelry.

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