Sunday, January 22, 2012

"I'm Gonna Miss This"

It's pitch dark out, just past 11:45PM.  The air is clear and fresh with a soft covering of clouds blanketing the sky.  The back roads of Tennessee have only a few cars milling about them.  Around a corner speeds a red Beemer, turning off I-75 onto the exit towards Southern Adventist University.  Inside, two guys are heading home after a busy Sabbath - lost in their own thoughts and listening to a Country hit, "You're Gonna Miss This".

Yes, I was one of those guys, and the words to the song kept playing in my mind:

"These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this."

I know I'm gonna miss these days.  It's been nothing but one blessing after another since I came here to college.  I think back on today alone.  Church service wasn't until 11:45, so I enjoyed the unique privilege of sleeping in just a few extra hours.  After a long and leisurely morning devotions time I headed over to the campus church, sat with my friend Eric and enjoyed an uplifting worship time followed by a powerful sermon by the pastor.  Through his highly humorous and yet poignant speaking style, he spoke about God's amazing love towards us; how much He desires to know us personally.

After church let out we grabbed a couple sandwiches and then headed over to some friends' place for Bible charades and a hike in the back woods.  Next we drove to our long-time family friends, the Shwarzers, for evening worship and a supper of tacos, smoothies, and nachos.  And then I was introduced to the beloved "Return to Avonlea" series following a new orphan's story, Sarah Stanley.

Yes I'm enjoying it all.  The friends, the crazy stuff, the sobering stuff, the real stuff.  I'm busy - there's always homework to catch up on - but no matter the hardship or pain or sacrifice, someday I'm going to look back on them with fond memories.  Life is made up of circumstances, guided by an Omnipotent Hand, weaving their way into our lives to create realities.  Realities are what create memories.

So yes, there may be times when I'll miss these days, but I'm taking "a good look around" so as not to miss out on the blessings God has placed in my life today.  That way, there will be no regret...


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