Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Moment

I've thoroughly enjoyed being a teacher substitute for the Delta/Greely school district.  I never knew I loved working with kids so much!  Today was no exception, other than that I was very tired.  I've been overtaxed and not getting enough sleep the past few days, and today I was worn out both physically and emotionally.

The middle school students did well during the morning periods, everyone stayed on task and I had minimal problems.  Yesterday the elementary kids (where I subbed in the afternoon) were extra rambunctious, so I wasn't looking forward to those classes today.  Amazingly enough though, everyone was at their top behavior.

But one class in particular made my day.  I was going to be reading a story to them about caring, and they asked if they could do paper crafts while I was reading.  Everyone was attentive and did their crafts quietly.  I was surprised when after I finished the story most of them brought their pictures up to me and said, "Here you go teacher, you can have this."

I knew they had done it before - I saw the pictures hanging on the wall for Mrs. Brown (the teacher I was subbing for), but somehow it brought tears to my eyes when they gave the pictures to me.  I was their teacher, if only for one class of one day, but they still appreciated my teaching.  They would tell me little stories that were important to them.  They would laugh and smile.  And they LOVED playing musical chairs with Christmas music blasting through the classroom. (alright, I loved it too…)  Each child came from a different family.  Each one had a unique personality, unique background, and unique feelings.  Each one has a different story, a story that I was blessed to be a part of for only a moment.  But for one moment, we were connected on the level of friendship and kindness while they showed their appreciation for what I was doing.

And that moment made my whole day…

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