Friday, October 14, 2011

Life In Parentheses

"In Eternity, there are many things, there is the subject – God.  There is the predicate which can be any number of things, lives, loves, saves, etc.  And then, there is a little insignificant thing that we like to call time.  Its like when you look in a mirror , with another mirror behind you, you see the same thing over and over and over again, but the further you go, the less it looks like the original.  That's like time, it's a cheap superficial reproduction of Eternity.  This time is where we learn a little about eternity, it is discovered and we attempt to explain it, but time can never do more than point to the Creator.  In grammar, we call this "time" parentheses.  Inside parentheses, something is living, but it can never be more or even equal to the sentence.  These Parentheses, however, are often abused.  People use them to try to change the sentence.  To make it about them and what they want.  As humans, we face a constant struggle to keep the parentheses focused on God."
~ MaKenna Morgan, Life In {Parentheses}

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