Saturday, October 29, 2011


I just experienced grace!

It all started a few days back when I got my first traffic citations.  One was for having a frosted back window, and the other for exiting a parking lot through an "enter only" roadway.  It was dark, past midnight, freezing with snow and ice, half my windshield was frosted, and the first time I had been in the Fort Greely school parking lot.  But still, I didn't pay attention to the "one way" sign, transgressed the law, and consequently got a ticket.

But there was a way out.
  Through the help of an attorney friend, he was able to intercept the tickets on their way down to the national pool.  After reviewing the case and conditions involved with the traffic citations, he decided to dismiss both tickets.  The evidence was erased, and I've been pardoned.

How many times do we miss the One Way signs in life?  How many times do we follow our own directions instead of God's?  We've violated His law!

But there's a way out.  Thankfully we have Jesus, our attorney friend.  He is waiting anxiously for us to ask Him to pardon our sins, and to clear our names.

Why not ask Him today?

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