Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Beginnings

Everything here on earth has a beginning and an end.  It's the way it's been ever since our world was created!  We're used to it, we plan on it, we subconsciously make decisions based on this knowledge.  When we're young we spend our time thinking and planning for our future - listing everything we want to accomplish before our lives come to a close.  When we're old, we spend time reminiscing on our past and focus more of our energies into the younger generation.  From the beginning to the end we are constantly learning, growing, reassessing, and acting, all within the narrow point of space we call a lifetime.  But within our lives we also have new beginnings, points of time in which we can look back to as divisions between how things used to be and how things are.  We recently passed one of those; it was called New Year's Day.

As we come to the end of our second week in the new year, it gives us a good chance to look back and assess how our year is going so far.  Are we sticking to our resolutions?  Are we making 2011 any different than 2010?  Are our goals becoming a reality?  It's worth thinking about!  If we're not careful, our new beginning will turn out as old as last year…


  1. Thank you for the post, Seth! It gives us all something to think about. And I really like the new look of your blog. :-)

  2. Praise the Lord it was a blessing!!

    Oh, thanks! =)


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