Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Father's Will

While watching Sight and Sound's Christmas nativity production called "Miracle of Christmas", I got struck with a sudden thought.  Something I knew before, but had never really thought about.  It had something to do with Jesus' earthly popularity…  When He was born, He was ignored by the ruler in power at the time.  The Emperor didn't even know He existed…  Two years later, He had kings coming from a far country to pay Him homage, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Then at the very same time He had another king after His life.  All throughout His earthly ministry He had some rulers honor Him and others scorn Him.  He was invited to notable pharisees' homes, then despised for spending time with publicans.  Nearing His death he had king Herod excited by the fact that Jesus was visiting him in his court, and then enraged at Jesus' humility and uprightness.  He had Pilot caught between awe for this man Who would dare call himself the Son of God, and yet urgency to get in the good favor of the Jewish nation and condemn Jesus.

And what was Jesus' reaction to it all?  The only affirmation He desired was to please His Heavenly Father!!  Should it be any different with us?  If we try to stay in the public's approval guaranteed it will only last for a few fleeting moments and then change on the whims of humanity, disappearing like a mirage that never was…

As we near this Christmas holiday let us each strive to be more like Jesus, doing our Father's will no matter what others think.  I'm committed, what about you?

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