Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Above the Clouds

Well, it's been a LONG time since I last posted a personal blog post, hasn't it?  Thanks to college and the drama group I'm part of, I've been one frantic rush after another this fall.  The Lord blessed with both however, and this weekend saw the finale to both my Anatomy & Physiology 1 class as well as our last Christmas show performance with Delta Christian Drama Association.  After a frantic one day packing spree, I'm now speeding at around 400 miles per hour at 37,000 feet above sea level, heading for Maryland and holiday vacation. :-)

As I sit here in the airplane typing this post up, I ponder on just how amazing it really is with how far we've come in the last few years technologically speaking.  The other evening we were watching a Smithsonian documentary on the history of flight.  The crude designs they got airborne back in the fledgling years of aviation always amaze me.  And to think that now, here I am in a 21st century airliner hardly 100 years later typing away on my laptop!  And what's even more amazing is that if I wanted, I could be using the internet right now also. (Can't believe they want to charge you $7.00 for it!!  Uh-oh, shut the lid as the stewardess walks by… lol)  How things have changed!!!

While driving up to the airport this morning it was pitch dark out and snowing softly, creating a rather gloomy atmosphere.  After securing our boarding passes and checking in our luggage, we found our departure gate and walked onto the plane.  As we waited in the aircraft for takeoff clearance the low cloud cover blanketed us like a heavy shroud of gloom.  It was everywhere, pressing into the windows like something alive and real that was just outside the glass panes .  Finally the controller gave the "all clear" signal and our jet taxied to the runway.  The huge engines began to throb with life as we picked up more and more speed.  Suddenly there was a slight lurch as the wheels lifted off the tarmac, then a huge weight pressed down on us as the airplane shifted its load from the wheels to its wings.  We were lifted upward, ever upward as the huge metal bird winged its way through the relentless clouds.  Light began to filter in through the windows and make little oval patterns on the opposite walls.  All of a sudden we broke through the clouds into a world of glorious beauty!  The sun was just rising and the dazzling sunrise colors shone beautifully on the plane's wing tips, dancing with the sparkles that reached down to unite with the glory reflecting off the mountain peaks barely surfacing among the sea of pink clouds.  It was truly spectacular!!  As I sat enjoying the marvelous sight, I thought about how it reminded me of the way life can be at times.  Often we are annoyed and perplexed with our present troublous circumstances, feeling that the gloom and despair is enough to crush us.  Many times I think it would do us good to just step away from our current difficulties and look at it from God's perspective.  What is gloom to Him?  It's just cloud covered sunshine…  We need to break through those clouds of doubt that Satan has placed in our lives and dwell in the glorious and perpetual sunrise of Christ's abiding presence and love!  While wearing that kind of "rose tinted glasses", it will be virtually impossible for Satan to get you down!

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