Sunday, November 28, 2010

Runner From Ravenshead

"It's no use, the wardens are going to catch me sooner or later."  Wow, what a depressing statement!  And yet how often do we utter those same words?

In the movie "Runner From Ravenshead", a behind-the-scenes drama - enacted everyday but usually gone unrecognized - is brought to light.  It's an allegorical story of a young girl named Sam trying to flee the Ravenshead dungeon.  After making a daring yet successful escape, she finds out all too quickly that escaping is only the beginning of her problems.  No matter how fast she runs or how skillfully she tries to lose her pursuer, her warden is always right there behind her, waiting for her to drop with fatigue so he could drag her back to prison.  As an allegory, the prison represents Satan's bonds and the wardens his relentless pursuit of those who are trying to reach the City of Refuge.  If it were only left up to prisoners to escape, the outcome would seem hopeless indeed.  But there is hope!  Kinda…  The protagonist, a hero wannabe and yet one big accident waiting to happen, is sent from the City of Refuge Guide Service Headquarters to help Sam escape the wardens and reach the City of Refuge.  The adventures and mishaps that follow are what makes "Runner From Ravenshead" such a delightful little movie.

I enjoy how the setting is mixed; it's not like a metaphysical allegory where everything has a meaning and each thing acts according to its implied counter-part.  Instead, the allegory sort of sets the stage for the adventures of Henry, the sympathetic guide that most of us can find numerous connections with.  But that's only part of the story.  In my personal opinion the best part of the film is the child actors they used.  The entire cast is made up of the Steege's (the producers) 5 children, making it truly a family project!  Although there are more characters than just five, sometimes the kids doubled in order to "produce" more actors.  My personal favorite is the two year-old little tyke.  He seems so grown up in his costume and character, but yet he still uses all the tricks a two year-old would use. :-)

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  1. Good post, Seth! That was a cute film. I'd have to say that the two-year-old has to be my favorite. :-)


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