Monday, November 22, 2010

The Penny

Fate, luck, chance, destiny, accident, coincidence.  In this modern age of self-existence, many people are content to view their everyday happenings as mere coincidental factors randomly integrating into events.  In fact, many are afraid to acknowledge a Supreme Being Who just might be in charge of directing and orchestrating their circumstances.  They choose to exclude God from their lives and instead try and fix their problems on their own.
Recently we were able to watch FilmWeaver's latest production release, "The Penny".  Talk about a film that hits real life on it's head!  The story weaves a series of events that seem totally disconnected with each other - all happening to 6 people who don't even know each other - into a tale of Providential leading.  Throughout the story, you follow the different people and how they relate to the circumstances in their lives.  Why do things happen as they do?  Who controls them anyway?  Each event builds on the last until it culminates in an almost late night tragedy with all six lives at stake - only being averted by the Providential loss of a penny.

None the less, it is not one of those stories that ends with a "happily ever after" type sentiment.  There are questions left unanswered.  To me it makes the movie all the more genuine!  In life, there are things we don't understand either, things that happen and we can only wonder why.  But instead of doubting the Providence of God because of those circumstances, we must trust God to reveal all things in His time.  He gives us numerous evidences of His guiding hand in our lives, so why doubt Him when things happen which we don't understand?

Tracking down a different train of thought, I enjoyed how it subtly brought out the point of "choose your friends wisely".  One of the main characters had obliviously gotten himself into a heap of trouble due to the friend he was hanging out with.  Because of his friend's involvement with a local gang, he was now facing a murder threat.  Next thing he knows he's helping rob a gas station/garage and pointing a gun at someone's head, someone who was actually the one to thank for his very presence there that night…

Another girl, Kate, got herself into a life and death situation because of the friends she hung out with.  Because of her dad's busy life when she was younger, she had never felt the love and support from her father that she had longed for.  Now, as a teenager, she was sidestepping all of her father's efforts to bring about a closer relationship between them.  Instead, she chose to hang out with another friend until one night her friend took her to a late night drinking party and Kate knew she had to leave.  Thankfully she left her friend and avoided death by a car wreck, but ended up with a gun aimed at her head instead.

Where was God in it all?  Was His Providential hand still guiding in their lives?

Although I wouldn't recommend the film to a younger audience, for any of you who want an intense, power packed, and inspirational film, I would highly recommend "The Penny" to you!  Check out their website at:

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