Thursday, November 11, 2010


The other day I read this essay written by my friend, Hector Torres.  I was impressed!  It perfectly explains a subject that is often hard to grasp or understand, and is usually only imagined...  After obtaining his permission, I decided to repost it for all of you to enjoy also.

"From where I pen these words I see a vast and complete panorama; not so much with the human eye but with the eye of imagination which is more perfect and thorough. Have you ever but realized that when the heart loves it yearns, and that that yearn is only satisfied through encounter with the loved, yet when that is not possible and the heart is starved of that intimate longing, then it is that the mind begins the imagining.

There is nothing so powerful as the imagination, the power to change: from hate to love, from strangers to lovers, and from ordinary to heroic; it is all in the power of the imagination; and the imagination is in our power. We control that which in turn controls us, affects our decisions, and shapes our future.

When restrains to the imagination are removed, the individual can not but realize it's power. The scene one chooses to behold is more complete and perfect in the mind than it could ever be in reality. Those that are the most impacting - the farewell, or the hello; when you were first together; the death, or birth of a loved one; the first kiss - these are the endless, and most cherished memories, the ones we reproduce so perfectly; the ones we can, with our eyes closed, in more that one sense, fine tune, re-live, enhance, sometimes add words and actions that because of the timidness of the moment were not said, and the last and most prominent reason would be that of sharing. Why do we treasure all these memories so vividly? Only for the purpose of sharing. After the image has been perfected in the imagination, when all the details have been added we take upon ourselves the joyful task of sharing with our closest and dearest the memories that so shape our imagination.

So when I tell you that I 'See a vast and complete panorama, not with the human eye, but with the eye of imagination,' you should now more fully comprehend and understand what you already knew, but have now imagined."


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