Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beyond the Next Mountain

"Never doubt in darkness what God has taught us in the light."

A couple evenings ago I watched my birthday gift from a friend, the movie "Beyond the Next Mountain".  It is a true story of faith, courage, and hope that is rooted in nothing other than a solid faith in God's undying love.  At one point in the film Chawnga, a native from northern India, is standing with his son on a mountain top looking over the spreading valley below.  Slowly he knelt down and turned to his son, "Can you see top of mountain where sky touches the earth?  It is called by men the horizon.  Wherever you journey my son, the horizon is always just in front of you, beyond the next mountain."  He paused for a moment, then looked back at his son.  "God's love is like the horizon; always there waiting for us, leading us on."

The story begins with a young chemist who felt a call from God to go as a missionary to a savage tribe of head hunters.  Although I've been a missionary myself, this was nothing like the typical 21st century missionary experience.  The British officials told him he would die in either the brutal jungle or the savages' stew pots.  But he didn't!  Through the seeds he was able to sow, God began a work that He is still accomplishing today in the Hmar people of northern India.  Through his efforts, a second generation Christian caught the vision to get an education so that he could translate the Bible into the language of his people.  And that was really the main story followed throughout the film, the story of Rochunga Pudaite as he followed God's horizons in his own life.  As this native from the jungles of India moved on with his education and became more and more involved in society, there was the constant pull for him to use his education to get himself a position of influence in life.  But throughout his life story his father's prayers and guidance helped him through many times when he almost threw away his vision of bringing the Bible to his people.

It really got me thinking about my Christian walk.  How many times do I get distracted by unimportant things, simply because they are easier than doing what is right?  How many times do I throw away God's plan for my life and follow my own?  How many times do I shrink from the Lord's work because the task looks too daunting to follow?  Made me wonder when comparing my life with that of the missionary who first set out to bring the light of God's word to the head hunting savages living deep in the jungle…

What about you?

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