Saturday, October 23, 2010

The importance of little things

It was stop and go traffic; rush-hour in Fairbanks… We were creeping along at a snail's pace and just coming up to a traffic light. All of a sudden I noticed a little mouse scurry from the middle of the four lane road and stop right behind the vehicle in front of me. Evidently, he was quite intent on reaching the other side of the road - safely! He was calculating every move... I called it to Mom's attention, and her first reaction was, "Oh don't hit it!!" Unfortunately when you're packed into the middle of a slowly crawling mass of cars, it's kinda hard to make sure and miss a mouse…

I just gritted my teeth ('cause I hate those little "bump and it's dead" type of feelings also) as I slowly drove right over the top of it. Fortunately for him, he stayed right where he was till I had driven over him, and then he continued on with his journey - into the other lane! As I watched in my mirror, I saw the car flanking me to the right swerve almost into my lane to miss the mouse. The crazy little fella continued his merry journey underneath that vehicle, and eventually made it safely across the road.

I got a good laugh out of how the huge car would swerve out of its way to miss a teensy mouse… But it was a good object lesson!!! Sometimes it's the little things that affect the big things in life.

So when you think what you're doing in life is small and menial and of no importance, remember, it's the little things that affect the big things!

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