Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why we do what we do.

Why do we stand in the hot sun, baking with our black Ninja suits while we wait for an angel to get his socks on? Why do we spend hours rehearsing sword fight choreography so that no one gets hurt and yet it looks realistic? Why do we put money into getting just the right costumes for the actors to wear, and then re-sewing them to make them just how we need them? Why do spend hours of practice together as a cast and also alone just to make our characters look more realistic? Why do we do what we do?

The reason is simple. We do it because we have a passion for saving souls. As part of Delta Christian Drama Association, I have been very blessedto be able to have a part in bringing the message of salvation to people who need to hear it. Just this last weekend, DCDA performed a skit entitled "Set Me Free", based on the original song by Casting Crowns as well as Geoff Moore's song "It's a Beautiful Sound". It powerfully portrays a simple yet all too common story of bondage andyielding to sin that everyone can relate to, and yet it brings in the spiritual side that most people are totally unaware of. There are demons and they are strong, but we have a Savior Who is stronger than all the demons put together!!!!

After watching this skit, many of the viewers left in tears; including a retired veteran. Later as I walked through the different exhibits displayed at the fair (where we performed the skit), I was stopped by numerous people who told me how much of an impact it had on their lives. While trying to figure out dates for filming the skit (which is VERY hard trying to coordinate 21 different people's schedules...) our prospective shooting day conflicted with something else our family really wanted to do. It was a hard decision, but during one of the skit practices our director told us that because of the last skit we filmed and uploaded to YouTube, someone had written saying that she had come back to the Lord. After thatI knew exactly where my priorities were. That is the reason we do what we do!

Keep your eyes open for the directors' comments which will be uploaded as soon as we get it finished. Since this skit is so fast-paced and packed with meaning, it really helps to have some parts explained. Also, because of the graphic portrayal of the battle between good and evil, this video is not recommended for young children to watch; parental discretion is advised.

Set Me Free from Aspen Ridge Family Media on Vimeo.

P.S. After spending the day filming with the cast on Sunday, it was so much fun I didn't even feel bad I had missed our other plans!!!!! :-) Thanks guys for such an enjoyable day! Below is a picture of the entire cast except for three who managed to get away right after the last "cut" was verbalized...

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