Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hiding Characters

There's a peculiar something you'll always notice about places such as the hot springs we were in a couple days ago. While in the water, people all look the same; just them and swim trunks. But when you peek into the changing room, you'll see something very different. While there I was able to see at least three distinct changes of apparel hanging on the walls. One had an outdoorsy cap, with an entire outfit suitable for a backwoodsman. Then there was the PI suit, complete with the hat and trench coat. It almost made us wonder if there was a listening device installed in the vest pocket... There was also the Roy Roger's ensemble, decked out with classy new cowboy boots plus jeans and a flannel shirt. It was almost as if people had hung their characters up before leaving the room.

It made me wonder what God sees when He looks into the changing room of my life: my heart. No amount of pretending can fool Him!

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  1. One thing I neglected to mention was the fact that at Liard Hotsprings most of the users are retired couples vacationing to Alaska. Not only do their clothes tell of their lives, but so do their stories!! It's neat to be able to listen as the older people recount past experiences from their many travels or from years long gone.


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