Friday, May 21, 2010

Roadtrip Update P.3

Well, it's morning again so Joel's driving and I'm writing. And now, to catch you up with the latest news from the travel department.

While driving just south of Dawson Creek yesterday we passed a mother black bear with three cubs! They were so cute; little balls of fur spread all over the grass beside the road. A couple minutes later while nearing McLeod Lake the sun was just setting, and the beauty it painted on our surrounding landscape was breathtaking! We just had to stop and take a picture of the glorious sight spreading out over the water.

And now to our current surroundings. Ever since leaving the AK Highway our scenery has changed dramatically! Where once stood tall mountains and rushing rivers now lie quiet farmsteads and babbling brooks. I love farms. The large barns, always dark and mysterious with animals contentedly chewing on straw. The small ponds where ducks and geese quietly swim in endless circles. The large pastureland where cattle and horses graze freely. It all holds a special appeal to me. As we drive today we are passing numerous farms. Each one is uniquely different, and yet they are all the same. That standard ingredient of simple country living lies deep in the heart of each spread.

An old dilapidated barn beside the road.

Now we are climbing out onto the high desert. The lush forests and verdant pastures are giving way to shrubby sage brush. We're winding our way along the Fraser River Gorge now, while trains are passing below us. Ah yes, the trains. This part of the drive is always encapsulated by narrow ravines and rushing rivers melting into backdrops for the endless tracks criss-crossing the country. I've always enjoyed trains, in fact I even have a scale Alaska Railroad model train. The long bridges spanning gaping chasms with rushing torrents cascading underneath, the screaming whistles echoing back and forth across the gorge, the wild spirit that trains possess. No matter what surroundings these northern freight trains are found, they always impress me with their speed, agility, and ultimate power. They almost become animate objects in their quest to dominate mountain passes, carry almost impossible loads for impossible distances, and continue to revolutionize the backbone of America's westward civilization.

A simple country church along the Fraser River, a fading reminder of history long past.

Okydoke, it's the next day (Friday) and we are nearing our journey's end (for this weekend anyway). Just after crossing the border back into the US, we pulled over beside the road to get some supper. While parked there, a torrential downpour soaked everything unfortunate enough to be caught underneath its path. In just a couple minutes the rain storm had passed on and left in its wake one of the most beautiful rainbows I've ever seen! Even though it was a full bow and reached clear across the sky, we were so close to it I was unable to capture that aspect of this gorgeous sky phantom.

Not much to add to this one; it's simply breathtaking!

Right now we are driving south of Seattle, and you should see all the cars!!! Not only do we have cars in front and behind us, but we also have them beside us, on both sides, and then an extra one tagging along beside that! It's interesting trying to navigate four lanes with a 28 foot travel trailer; you soon become very efficient at calculating your trailer's length by means of shadows and size of the following car. I kinda like our two lane highway back home though… Even though we've now gotten into" civilization", the scenery where we're driving right now is quite pretty. Going through a mountain pass a couple minutes ago we found snow still on some of the slopes next to the road. The cloud cover dipped down to "ground" level, and every now and then we'd charge through a cluster of mist. Oh yes, we were definitely on a driving high!

Clouds enveloping the peaks in the pass.

Well, in just a few hours our southern bound journey will end. I'll keep you updated about later happenings as in being with friends and attending campmeeting, but I can't promise how soon. So I thankee kindly for listening to me ramble on like so about our trip so far. It's been a pleasure! :-) Godspeed for now, and I'll be back with more updates later!

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