Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No matter what!

Here's a short thought from a couple days ago:

The other day we were over at a friend's place burning their overgrowth. Among the gnarls of tangled grass and other plants, there were certain weeds that had a long stem with the plant flowering on top. It was interesting to watch as the fire would burn the grass below in a crackling frenzy, destroying everything around it. Then, as the smoke would clear all you could see were the tall weeds left towering over the black ashes. Yes, their stems were a little burnt, but the flowers on top were totally unharmed.

God is calling us to be like those stems. The plants surely would have gotten destroyed if it weren't for those tall, strong stalks. What is God calling you to protect? Your faith? your character? your friends? your family? Even in the face of adversity, we must be strong and stand up for what's right!

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