Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring's here!

As I sit at my computer, looking out at the spitting snow clouds, I think of what a friend once told me. "Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons of the year." I'd have to agree with him. Why? Because those are the only two seasons where change is imminent; where you can anxiously look forward to something new. Right now, the weather's trying to decide whether to snow or shine, and although it was snowing earlier today, I was crunching through half-frozen mud puddles in 40 degree weather!

As I look forward to another summer, I think of all I'd like to do during it. Hiking with friends, four-wheeling on long off road adventures, canoeing, flying RCs, biking, the list goes on. But most importantly, spending time in nature drawing nearer to its Creator will be a wonderful growing opportunity! I just LOVE spending time out-of-doors!!!!

Yes, Spring is here, and with it the promise of a new lifestyle bursting forth with fresh strength and vigor after the long winter's "sleep"!

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