Saturday, April 17, 2010

Smaller and weaker - is sometimes stronger!

There they were, so tantalizingly close and yet at the same time just an arm's width too far... One trumpet, two maracas, and an African shaker - all from the kid's music basket - had fallen in-between one of our unfinished bathroom walls. And who would you think Mom thought better qualified to retrieve the wayward little instruments, than me?

I dutifully went and got two old broom handles from the garage, and began chasing the trumpet around and around the little floor space it controlled. Yes, it was comical, but I wasn't getting anywhere... I began thinking of what I could do different. As I thought, I could see the trumpet triumphantly resting in one of its corners. "Hmmm..." I wondered, "How am I supposed to outwit a plastic toy?" I thought of using a clothes hanger; enough tape would secure it to the broom handle creating a hook and pole type contraption. But that would only slip over the maracas. I leaned against the window sill and stared outside; I always like doing that while I'm thinking! Something about the fresh and vibrant scenery helps clear my thoughts. Then I once again tackled the instruments - with the same disappointing results I had had a few minutes earlier. I could have thought up some heroic scheme to get those instruments out, but for some reason a highly technicalized and thought-inducing plan seemed uncalled for and even less desirable at the moment.

"I can't get them," I called to Mom, more out of a sense of frustration and need for help than out of an honest statement. "You can think up something," she said. "Why don't you try using one of your younger brothers?" Tuddah!!! What an ingenious idea! With a quick movement I chucked Nathan down the hole and he picked up all four instruments in 10 seconds flat. "Wow!" I thought. "If that don't beat all. All I had to do was ask for help from a guy smaller and weaker than myself!"

It got me thinking about pride... Not that the reason I didn't ask Nathan to help at first was because of pride; it's just that I didn't think of him. But how often is it that we fail to ask for help from a "guy smaller and weaker" than ourselves? How often do we needlessly waste time and energy doing a job that someone we think couldn't do it would be more qualified to do? Next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, be sure you're not needlessly making it harder on yourself because you're too proud to admit you need help - especially from a "guy smaller and weaker" than yourself! It's just a thought anyway...

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