Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter's Splendor!

The dark, heavy clouds hovered over the earth, concealing the world in a shroud of darkness. Snow fell softly earthward in large flakes, gently enveloping the earth in a blanket of grayish fluff. For three days the intricate sculptures continued to fall from the clouds, which were enshrouding the world with a somber, depressing spirit. For three days only... Almost as if nature could not handle the darkness any longer, the sun burst out of its prison, shedding rays of glory and brilliance over the entire landscape. Panoramic Peak, so long concealed from our view by a thick mist of darkness stood shining in the sunlight, chasing away all thoughts of despair and gloom. The sight was truly breathtaking!! After days of fog and snow, the sun shining gloriously from the heavens and all the mountains reflecting its dazzling brilliance was truly a sight to behold!

Unfortunately, I was unable to get my camera to a beautiful location before the sun rose above the horizon and the picturesque colors had faded from the mountains. But the world was still so enchanting that I had to take a couple shots to capture the beauty of the moment. I've attached three of them for you to enjoy also. May you be inspired anew at the wonder and glory the Creator has placed into our world; just for us to enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Seth! I like the way you describe what you see. It is a great joy and blessing to read what you write! :) Keep it up and God bless you my friend. Heather B.


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