Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts on a Snow Machine...

Whoosh!! The wind blew swiftly past my face as I raced across the field on our neighbor's snow machine. Even though I've been driving ATVs since last fall (not very long actually), it was a new experience to drive a snow machine over blankets of snow, around icy corners, and through deep drifts. My brother and I just spent two weeks driving back and forth to the neighbor's to take care of their animals.

During one night, the wind blew drifts into all sorts of crazy shapes. Where it was smooth the day before, it had now turned into a "take air" jump course. I pondered how much like our Christian walk that is. One day we can be sailing smoothly through life, and the next day we can be having such a rough time that we wonder what in the world happened. But even though we lose control of our lives sometimes, we can be encouraged by the knowledge of a Saviour Who has "driven" the course before us. Even though the way might be a little bumpy, He is our driver and He knows the course better than any of us. No winds of opposition during the night will ever confuse Him!!!

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