Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Update!

Well, it's been quite awhile since I last published a post, so I thought it high time for another one!  Right now I'm sitting in the library up here at UAF, waiting for Mom to come pick us (Joel and I) up.  We've just taken the Accuplacer test, which is the beginning of what could be college for us next year...  But, I'm tired of listening to silent videos (because I forgot headphones), the pictures are all starting to repeat, I left my book in the car, and nobody is available to chat who I really want to chat with right now...  And since I'm all caught up with my e-mails (a major accomplishment!!!!), I decided I might as well right up a blog post.

Right now, my life can be summed up with school and play practice.  (I know, animation wasn't in the list...)  First of all, I've been busy studying for my GED.  And then I was studying, which of course I did when I wasn't studying...  'Cause I really needed to study!  But now the ball's started rolling with applications and all, so I'll be taking my practice exams here soon and then go on to the actual test!

And then there's play practice.  It's been SUCH a blessing to participate in, both as a first time acting experience (in a major play anyway...), and as being able to work with such a wonderful cast.  Before every practice, we gather together to pray for the Holy Spirit to bless the production and help the actors concentrate and do their parts well.  It's been wonderful meeting new friends, strengthening nominal relationships, and enjoying the fellowship of Christian actors who enjoy using drama to the glory of God.  I'm sort of nervous for the first show night though, as I have quite a bit of "stuff" to do up front.  I'll be singing and playing my guitar for 3 songs, plus acting in all but one scene!  But it will be a lot of fun!

Those two things have basically been my life the past few weeks, so I haven't had any time to do much else...

Well, Mom should be showing up here any time, so I'd better sign off.  Can't keep them waiting, as we have a long drive back down to Delta! (unless we end up spending the night)

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