Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Connotation of a Denotation

While the neighbors were over the other day, the subject of words came up in our discussion.  The "Mrs." had a peculiar interest in finding out what different words meant, just to see if the ways we often use them were correct or not.  As she continued talking about various "discoveries" she'd made, I began thinking about another Word; one that deserves even more thought!  Let me explain.

Every word has a denotation and a connotation (you knew that, right?).  A word's denotation defines exactly what the word means, while its connotation defines what we often think its definition is.  For instance, we often use the word "fabulous" to mean "amazingly good; wonderful"; but it's formal meaning is "having no basis in reality; mythical", hence it contains the word "fable".  You'll see many illustrations of the differences that exist between the denotation of a word, and its connotation.

With the Word of God, it's no different.  It has both a denotation and a connotation also, although the differences are more pronounced.  Which one are you living by?

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