Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in the Country

"Oh there's nothing quite like Christmas in the country; the simple joy of family by the fire and carols ringing out across the valley, the neighbors that make up the village choir. Oh the joy of Christmas in the country, the love and warmth and gentle memories, and knowing that the simple old love story is waiting in the country just for me."

Those words from "Christmas in the Country" by the Gaither Vocal Band remind me of the holidays I always envision when thinking about Christmas. Why is it that our minds seem to wander back to glistening white hills with neat little cottages clustered about them and stately horses prancing back and forth on the crusty snow pulling loads of joyous carolers? And then there's the crisp church with the little white steeple where the whole town gathers to commemorate the birth of our Saviour. Maybe it's because it reminds us of a time when things were simpler and when people could focus more clearly on the real reason behind the Christmas season. As the young'uns would go into the forest with their parents to gather stately pines to adorn their parlors, they would enjoy the natural beauty of God's creation. Instead of all the fake "tinsel" as I call all the Christmas fluff so relevant in today's celebrations, folks were more inclined to contemplate on the real meaning of Christmas. Is that time lost forever?

Thankfully it isn't. Even today, throughout all the hustle and bustle of modern living, we can sit back and think about how much God must love us. To send His only son into this wayward world as a helpless baby, took more love than any of us humans can imagine. As this year's holiday season comes upon us, may each of you find time between the last minute have-to-do's to reflect on Christ's awesome gift that He gave you nearly 2,000 years ago. What love!

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