Saturday, November 7, 2009

Digging into the past - to find the present!

"Why are we here on this little rocky planet anyway, floating listlessly through space?" Ever since the beginning of time, that seems to be the major question in societies of every age. To search for meaning in life, people have come up with some very ironic explanations. But the most erroneous of them all has to be the hypothesis (and that's exactly what it is) of macro-evolution. The idea that I came from a little seed of life, planted by some alien that has since left the planet to fend for itself, fills me with the most absurd ignominy. To think that erudite human beings can make up such a story about their own existence, is the ultimate oxymoron in today's society.

Thankfully, we have not only the Bible to back up our creationist viewpoint, but also a profusion of scientific evidence. It would take months to write out all the scientific data that points to a Being of supernatural power who carefully and deliberately designed our existence. Recently, we've been listening to a creationist's account of his travels in Peru. The land of the Incas has enthralled me for many years, but now it takes on a new allurement as I hear more and more interesting discoveries that have been made there in the past few years. There are the stones that archaeologists have found that have impressions on them that were drawn thousands of years ago. There are pictures of men killing huge dinosaurs, and of scenes from the ancient Inca dynasty. But most interesting of all are the stones that depict a world-wide catastrophe, pointing back to a devastative flood. Numerous discoveries from the Inca ruins show that they were way ahead of their time in astronomy, in architecture, and in many other things. But the one thing that set the stage for their ruin was their deplorable religion. On the highest mountain top above the lost city of Machu Pechu (sp?), there stands a temple dedicated to the worship of the Sun god. It was there that the priests would take their human sacrifices, cutting out their hearts while they were still beating, then eating them while the victims watched in dying agony. The fall of this ancient empire, so well fortified and protected that it seemed to be impregnable to most people, should be a warning to our depraved society of today.

Many archaeologists spend their time digging into the past to find where they came from, but we as Christians must dig into the past to understand better of what lies in store for our FUTURE. As we learn about ancient civilizations, how each one rose to power and then crumbled as they left the Sovereign One who helped them become a nation, we must gather how we as a nation today can avoid those same pitfalls. We as Christocentric Americans living in this day and age must be cultural leaders, standing up to what we believe. Everywhere, Satan wants to draw our minds away from our Creator to dwell on His creation. Although I believe nature is God's second book, it becomes Satan's tool to gain access to our minds if we do not focus on how marvelous God's love for us is in all His creation.

So I'd like to encourage you to be a front runner in the cause of Christ. Even if everyone around you sinks into the quicksand of humanism to answer all their problems in life, we can look to a loving Creator who is always there for us. We can think of His wondrous love for us when He died on the cross, and how much He must care about the people on this one little lost planet we call home. His love is unfathomable!

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