Saturday, October 31, 2009

What is Love?

"Love is pleasure! Love is a feeling! Love is all about YOU!" These words scream out at you wherever you go. You hear them blaring in the grocery stores, you see them flashing on billboards. What the world calls love is shown flagrantly everywhere; if you don't believe me, just take a trip into town. Maybe you don't even have to go that far...

Especially for young people, the topic of love is a very important issue. I know many young people who have already started the dating game, and I also know where they are headed. I've talked with adults who have been ruined by playing the dating "game" in their teenage years; they have scars that will always be there to haunt them. We as young people MUST equip ourselves to fight against the adversary in every point, even in our relationships.

To show us what love is, the world points to a selfish, "What can I get out of you?" attitude. Many young people get into a relationship, "enjoy" the other person till they're tired of them, then dump them for another person that they think is better. "We can't help it," they say. "We fell into love!" Why in the world would they want to classify love as a hole they fall into, having no control over the outcome? Why do people think they have no control over what they do?

Is that really what love is? or does God offer something better? We can be thankful He does! "What is love?" you ask. The world will take you to a frolicking disco room or flashing billboard; God will take you to the foot of a tree, where a bleeding and bruised Savior hangs dying on a cross. Jesus Christ is the true example of love. Never did He do anything for Himself; never did He use other people for His own pleasure, then dump them for somebody else. His love was of a different nature. He showed that true love is working for others, caring for their needs, relieving the suffering and burdened ones, and ultimately laying down your life for others. That is true love. When people ask me what my favorite love song is, I always tell them "Amazing Grace!"

May God bless each one of you as you strive to show Christ's love to those around you!

Your brother in Christ,


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